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Ferrari did not make a 365 GTC/4 factory spyder out of ~500 C/4's fabricated in 1971-72. At the same time, however, competitor Maserati did make a spyder version for the Ghibli which is very similar in profile as shown to the right  >>> 

Today just eight C/4 spyder and two targa conversions are now known to exist from chop shop efforts which all now defunct.  Both the Ghibli and C/4 coupe designs were dramatically improved with a spyder option, whether factory or after market thus easy to see why some C/4 owners took the leap and cut.

Now join me in trying to source the expertise to convert my C/4 and risk this fine coupe as proof this is both a viable design improvement but also a value add to the factory C/4 like the Ghibli spyder did for Maserati.

C/4 Spyder

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