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Form and Function

The amazing Jaguar XK 6 cylinder and Colombo V12 engines, were time-tested and raced over 30 years; modified over time into Jag's C, D, E type motorcars and the Ferrari-driven Pininfarina designs. Classic Italian and British designs reigned supreme from the 50's thru the early 70's. Yet looks were only skin deep until paired with performance engines of the day.

Enzo once said: "I dont sell cars, I sell engines, the car I throw in for free..."  Classic are also littered with busted experiments where one or the other is lacking.  The sleek Mercedes 300SL "lite" in the 190SL paired with a VW engine, for example.  Dont be fooled. IMHO, the ugly, rookie-designed Miura with its revolutionary high performance mid-engine was, for a short bit, the world's fastest production car - until the sexy V12 Daytona.

Enjoy a few favorite design inspirations, whether in original form or modified but all with a nod to an era when design did matter and performance was expected.  Form AND function.


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